Inverter Technology and Hummus Master

The most modern and reliable way to change the speed of an electric motor is AC induction motors combined with an inverter.


The most modern and reliable way of changing the speed of an electric motor is the AC induction motors coupled with an inverter drive. An inverter drive is also called a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive).

KITPRO & YAZICILAR has been building cutters with inverters for more than 15 years. It is the first company in the world, to widely implement this technology in its counter-top and standing range.

Advantages of inverter drive control:

1) Speed Control - work at the best speed for your operation

2) High reliability - no mechanical contactor that get jammed

3) No speed reducer mechanics are required

4) High protection against misuse of the operator Inverter drives constantly monitor the motor’s status and protect it against over-loading in real time. Variable speed turns your cutter into a blender or a mixer or a dough beater. YAZICILAR is the most experienced company to build inverter controlled cutters and we are happy to brand our cutters with the inverter-inside logo for more than a decade! It symbolizes versatility and reliability.


The international trademark HummusMaster brand helps customers know and understand these machines are able to process hummus. Hummus is a heavy, high density, and high viscosity product. The global popularity of hummus helps people understand the power and effectiveness of the YAZICILAR Cutters. The motor powers and knife profiles are all suitable for making beautiful creamy hummus.

"Choose the HummusMaster for velvet smooth hummus!"

The HummusMaster promise high speed operation, perfect alignment of blades and the double-effect scraper.