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We deliver processing solutions for Industrial Kitchens and more since 1981.
Let’s get together to help you work better and faster.

Hotel / Restaurant and Cafe - catering, a-la-minute or buffet service. Our line of products serve every dish, every cuisine and capacity.

Producers of consumer food products including but not limited to: packaged hummus and dips, protein-bars, snack-bites, spice mixes.

Food inspection labs which need to homogenize fruits, dried food, processed food and similar products for further inspection.

The HummusMaster

Our Mediterranean roots dictate good food whether at home or in the restaurant. The staple of the Middle East and the new global super-food HUMMUS is best prepared with the original HummusMaster.

The HummusMaster logo means very high speed rotation of blades, perfect alignment of the knife unit and the double-effect scraper.

Look for the HummusMaster logo on your cutter, and make the best hummus in town!

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"Choose the HummusMaster for velvet smooth hummus!"

The HummusMaster promise high speed operation, perfect alignment of blades and the double-effect scraper.