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Homogenesing & Emulsifying

Process an endless variety of products using industrial capacity and power. Bring out the character of your ingredients in the best way. We want to enable you to create products that are technically superior but do not feel industrial to the consumer.

Available Product Groups for the Application:

Table-top Cutters
Available from 2 to 12 liters Variable speed models
Standing Cutters
Available from 20 to 65 Liters Variable speed models
Industrial Cutters
Available from 120 to 200 Liters Variable speed models

Selected Practices for the Application:

Homogenise ingredients

Create homogenised mixtures of organic products regardless of size and density. Mix nuts with oils or meat with spices into a homogenised mixture in desired particle size.

Prepare nut pastes

Make tahini, peanut butter, hazelnut or pistachio butter at the highest standarts. Compared to colloid-mill machines, you can create customised particle-size pastes and add in extra ingredients during processing, without the added product being crushed (ie. chocolate pieces, raisins or whole nut pieces).

Produce fruit and vegetable concentrates

High quality concentrates can be produced at very high viscosity

Produce baby food and food for the elderly

Process cooked and raw food stuff into perfect purees for feeding babies or people with chewing and digestion disorders. Ideal for nursing homes, hospitals and day care centers.

Produce Emulsified Sauces

Produce tailored mayonnaise, hollandaise, Salad vinaigrettes and much more.

Make hummus with the hummus master

Hummus is technically an emulsion. This reaction requires a powerful motor and blades, to create a perfect smooth result. Produce the best hummus in town, or for the whole city using the patented HummusMaster product line. Make sure you check out our dedicated HummusMaster page for more details.

A semi-chunky peanut paste with nut pieces and chocolate bites. A feast with a touch of real ingredients felt in the mouth. This kind of a product will give the sensation of a natural product over a completely industrial one. Thanks to multi-level 4-blade design, variable speed and functional scraper - you can achieve this level of product sophistication.
Smooth mixtures - fully homogenized without the industrial touch. You can prepare batches of fruit smoothies, vegetable purees and silk-smooth hummus, thanks to the high performance motors and knife design. Sauces and emulsions with store quality smoothness or with home made touches can be made - whichever is required by the consumers.

Advanced Functions

We deliver experience for your success

Variable speed
KITPRO is the pioneer of the very-reliable inverter technology for variable speed operation of the turning blades since 20 years.

Manage particle size, smoothness, consistency and other details by controlling the speed of the motor. One machine to create multiple products and countless recipes.
Reverse turning option enables the production of many different products in one batch, normally requiring multiple batches and emptying.
Add nuts, fruits, vegetables into already-processed mixtures and run in slow reverse speeds to create salsa, purees, yoghurt mixtures and much more with bite size ingredients.
Multi-function scraper
Thanks to the tested and tried scraper design,you are able to create mixtures without leaving any bits out of the batch-achieving high quality and eliminating waste.
The scraper also functions as an arm to direct product onto the knives enabling fast mixing of hard-to-mix materials quickly-cutting process times upto 50%!

"Choose the HummusMaster for velvet smooth hummus!"

The HummusMaster promise high speed operation, perfect alignment of blades and the double-effect scraper.