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Standing cutter / mixer unit with 120 Liter capacity

Model L120IV Cutter / Mixer / Homogenizer take the YAZICILAR experience to a whole new level by integrating our know-how and experience as a food processing equipment manufacturer into high capacity industrial machinery. Integrating our patents and knowledge; we created a machine with industrial capacity and durability with the ease of use of a counter-top applience. The L120IV allow our customers to increase process capacity without increasing labour needs. Only one person is enough, to operate this machine regardless of body-power. The tilting of the bowl and opening-closing of the cover is fully motorised and works automatically. The knive unit – the bowl – and the cover is removable for cleaning away from the machine, which greatly increase the hygiene standarts.

The machine is operated via a hybrid control panel, offering water-proof metal buttons and a control screen. The timer, the variable speed function, the optional reverse revolving function, the cover and tilting mechanism controls are all integrated into this panel. The optional motorised scraper works automatically. The scraper shortens operation times, and increase productivity. Please ask your customer agent, for details of this extra option.

Operator safety is at maximum. The Cutter machine does not start if it does not detect the bowl or the cover in place. There is multiple systems, to ensure safety and avoid mechanical problems. Besides these, there are multiple systems to avoid overloading of the motor units of the machine. All these systems ensure protection against abusive use and overload, protecting your investment for years to come.

Features and Options

Details for Professionals

IP65 Controls

Variable speed

Thermal Protection

Maintenance free

Induction Motor


Removable bowl


Power tilting

Designed for production

Comparison Table

L120IV L200IV
Capacity 120 Liters 200 Liters
Liquid cap. 99% 99%
Power 15 kW 22 kW
Speed 600-3000rpm 600-3000rpm
Rating 380V 3ph 380V 3ph
IP65 Controls
Removable Bowl
Dishwasher safe
Thermal Relay
DataSheet DataSheet

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